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In motherhood, there are very few things we truly are prepared for. For me, it started when I was pregnant (can any of you relate?). I swore I wouldn't gain a pound more than I had to, but by the time I hit 43 weeks (yes, I went to 43 weeks), I had gained a whopping 60 pounds. It took a full year to slip back down to my original size-ish and finally fit back into my wedding ring.

Women buy maternity clothes, maternity bras, maternity underwear, and even maternity shoes. Which leads me to wonder, why aren't we wearing maternity wedding rings?

A wedding ring is one thing most women wear every day, and often it is the first thing a pregnant woman can no longer fit into, so what are the options? Drop a couple thousand on a new wedding ring, or size up, just to have to re-size the ring once the baby arrives? There has to be a better way... 

What about a really high-quality wedding ring that costs much less? 

An "alternative bridal ring" or maternity wedding ring might be something you are in the market for if you aren't wanting to wear a Walmart ring around, but can't squeeze back into your wedding ring. These rings are made of really high-quality materials but cost hundreds, not thousands of dollars. 

Pregnancy Hack: Get a ring that is a couple of carats more than your original ring to make swollen fingers appear smaller.

So maybe it takes a year to fit back into your wedding ring, or maybe it never happens. With a high-quality maternity wedding ring, you will be just fine.

A word to the wise...

Not all simulated diamond rings are created equally. When growing a bundle of joy, women experience more sensitivities, so be sure the replacement ring is made of 925 sterling silver and plated in platinum or gold. Follow these quality guidelines when purchasing a maternity wedding ring. 

32 weeks pregnant, unknowingly 11 more weeks to go.

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