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How to Shop for a Simulated Diamond

by Olivia Starling on 0 Comments

Before you buy, make sure you can check all of these boxes:

925 Sterling Silver 

A ring made with 925 Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic and will decrease the likelihood of skin irritation. Sterling silver will never turn your finger green and is strong and durable for everyday wear.

Pink Halo Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Plating

Sterling Silver is a strong and durable metal that offers support to a setting, but it tarnishes easy and can start looking old before it's time. For that reason, make sure you find a ring that is plated in platinum (sometimes called white gold or rhodium), gold or rose gold. 
(Rose Gold & Platinum Plated)

Prong Setting

You want a ring that is held together with some type of setting (prong or bevel is very popular). Some retailers will gue rings into place, and eventually, they will come loosed and fall out. A pronged setting makes a ring more beautiful, depending on the complexity of the setting, and hold the gem into place for years to come. 

Simulated Diamond Ring Princess Cut Beautiful Setting

As for the Semi-Precious Gemstone, aka Simulated Diamond

Just like when you buy a natural diamond, you are looking for clarity and fire.  A well-made simulated diamond has internally flawless clarity and fire. To the naked eye of the most trained professional, they should not be able to tell the difference between a simulated diamond and a mined diamond. 

Simulated diamond, Sterling silver, platinum, eternity band, fire, clarity

One question remains…

Starlette Galleria Simulated Diamond Rings

3 Carat Heart Cut 


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