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A recent conversation came up with some girlfriends about simulated diamond rings, what a woman should look for while shopping for one, and how to make sure they are getting a quality ring. This conversation led me to believe if women around me are having these conversations, many more women are probably wondering the same thing. 

You see, there are a lot of reasons why women opt for an alternative wedding ring. Some women buy an alternative ring to switch up their look - maybe have one ring in gold and one in silver. One with more bling, one with less. Others buy simulated diamond wedding rings for travel, to conserve their real diamond from wear and tear because their ring no longer fits, as a maternity wedding ring, or to save money on a traditional ring (also known as a placeholder wedding ring). No matter what the reason, these rings are getting more and more popular. Before you buy, make sure the ring you pick checks all of these boxes:

925 Sterling Silver Setting

Make sure the ring you purchase is made of sturdy metal like certified 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is durable, it won't cause skin irritation, and will never turn your finger green. It is a more expensive metal, but it is worth every penny.

Ring Plating

Sterling Silver is a strong and durable metal that offers great support to a ring, but you will want to make sure the ring is also plated. Having a ring that is plated will protect your ring from pre-mature tarnishing. Look for rings that are plated in real gold, rose gold, or rhodium (also known as white gold).

Prong Setting

Often times you will find that an alternative ring has the stone put into the setting with glue. The glue will eventually wear away and the stone will come out. Look for a ring that is set in a prong setting, just like a traditional wedding ring. 

Simulated Diamond Ring Princess Cut Beautiful Setting
This ring is a very good example of a well-made simulated diamond setting.

As for the Semi-Precious Gemstone, aka Simulated Diamond

Just like when you buy a natural diamond, you are looking for cut, clarity, color, and carat. A well-made simulated diamond has internally flawless clarity and fire. To the naked eye, you should not be able to tell the difference between a simulated diamond and a real diamond.... which leads me to wonder... 

If they can't tell the difference, why should you?

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