• Why Starlette Galleria Earrings are Awesome

    Why Starlette Galleria Earrings are Awesome Earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. We have all of the earrings to top of a look even if you have sensitive ears. Let's highlight a few of the many reasons why our earrings are so awesome! 1. Constructed from high quality materials. All of our earrings are made of sterling silver and then...
  • Which Ring is Real?

    Alright, let's play a game. Which ring is real, and which one is fake?  Here is where you can buy the first ring: 2 Carat Princess  Here is where you can buy the second ring: 1 Carat Halo Here is where you can buy the third ring: 3 Stone Floral Ring
  • How to find your finger size

    One of the most frequently asked questions you have sent us is, "How do I find out my ring size?" The interesting thing I have learned in this business is that ring size has nothing to do with your body weight or fat on your body and everything to do with the size of your knuckle. Here is a video from Olivia, explaining...
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