• How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

    Ever look at your ring and notice it’s not as sparkly as it used to be? Or, has the metal turned dull from years of wear? Jewelry is one of those things we forget to take care of and maintain over the years, but don’t beat yourself up -  it’s easy to do! Who has time to schedule an (expensive!) appointment with a...
  • Why Wedding Rings?

    Anyone can go into depth on what a wedding ring symbolizes, but I want to talk about the real feelings that wedding rings stir up in women. Because let's be honest, if wedding rings didn't make us feel a certain way, then we wouldn't spend so much time, effort, and money on them. 
  • Are you damaging your wedding ring?

    As you go throughout your day, your hand brushes on clothing, gets washed with soap and water, and faces the damaging effects of time. Not to mention when you take it off to conserve it and risk loss or theft. This is one of the biggest and first investments you make as a married couple. Don't you think your wedding ring deserves better...
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