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Ever look at your ring and notice it’s not as sparkly as it used to be? Or, has the metal turned dull from years of wear? Jewelry is one of those things we forget to take care of and maintain over the years, but don’t beat yourself up -  it’s easy to do! Who has time to schedule an (expensive!) appointment with a jeweler to have a few pieces cleaned? Not me.

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The truth is, cleaning your jewelry doesn’t have to be over complicated! You don’t need to buy a fancy machine or turn it into a big errand for a jeweler to bring back the sparkle and shine. Honestly, you have everything you need at home to clean your jewelry - and for much cheaper. I don’t know about you, but money in my pocket and some fresh and clean bling is not a bad day at all.

 All you need is a warm bowl of water, gentle dish soap (preferably something that cuts through oil), and a toothbrush…just not your husband’s. Easy, right? And, I bet you’ve got all three ingredients within an arm’s reach. Let’s get started!


Once you have gathered everything you need, pour a small amount of soap (about the size of a quarter) in the bowl. 


 Fill the bowl up with lukewarm tap water...



Make sure to mix up the bubbles and soap with the end of your toothbrush. It’s essentially a bubble bath for your nice of you!


Gently scrub each piece of jewelry for a minimum of 20 seconds. You don’t need to stand there all day, but if you need an extra minute for larger pieces or ones with more wear, take it! Make sure you get into all of the intricate parts of the jewelry with the bristles. You especially want to focus on the parts that come into contact with your skin where most of the oil may collect.



Once you have thoroughly cleaned your jewelry, rinse it under a stream of cool tap water - but don’t drop it! It may be a good idea to rinse it over the bowl you initially cleaned it in, just in case it slips from your hands. Worst case scenario would be you rinsing it again, and not calling a plumber to fish it out of your pipe.



Let your jewelry air dry on a towel, but make sure it’s not one your kids will grab to wipe their hands on - you don’t need those pretty pieces flying across the kitchen! Woooooo girl... Look at that sparkle and shine! 

For best results, repeat every 6 months (with any kind of jewelry) for general maintenance, and to keep dirt and oil at bay.

But here is the thing... you can never have too much jewelry to clean (am I right?)

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