About Us

In 2019, with $300 in inventory and a three-year-old on her hip, first-time entrepreneur Olivia Starling was ready to put a new twist on an old industry. With zero connections, zero leads, and zero followers, Olivia built Starlette Galleria from the ground up, quite literally. She began running her business in the only free space she had, while working a full-time corporate job, out of the basement of her Colorado Springs home. 

What started as a side project quickly took off as a full-time commitment.

What started as a side project quickly took off as a full-time commitment as word of mouth helped Starlette Galleria become one of the most talked-about brands in the wedding industry. Within a year, Olivia quit her corporate job and poured herself into Starlette Galleria, hiring team members where she could and investing back into her brand. Appearances on ABC, CBS, and FOX helped solidify Starlette Galleria as one of the most exciting new names in luxury, simulated diamond rings. 

Our rings offer the same look and feel as a real diamond ring for a fraction of the price. Designed to help you affordably change up your look, preserve the life and quality of your real diamond ring, or as a cost-conscious option for a ring commemorating any occasion, Starlette Galleria rings are all about the wow factor. Each ring is made of high-quality metals that will never cause skin irritation or turn your finger green. The stones are machine cut from the clearest and most brilliant AAA cubic zirconia and expertly prong set, never glued.

Starlette Galleria caters to the jetsetters, busy moms, and everyone in between, offering necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from quality metals that are durable and won't tarnish. 

We know these gorgeous pieces can help give newlyweds a crucial head start in their new life together because spending thousands on a ring isn't for everybody — and we don't think you need to explain why! 

Like Olivia always says,
“If they can’t tell the difference, why should you?”