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Three simple rules for mixing metals when wearing jewelry, plus examples.

Has anyone ever told you to not mix and match metals? I’m not sure where I got it in my head, but somewhere down the road, I believed I needed to either wear gold or silver. But never wear gold and silver together.

This past summer, I noticed a trend among women. They were mixing metals and I was loving it! But let me be clear, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Here are my simple rules for mixing and matching metals. 


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Rule 1: The Rule of Three

Make sure when you are mixing and matching metals, you group everything in clusters of three. Odd numbers will make it so that rule 2 is easily followed. 

For example, stack three necklaces together, or three rings, bracelets, etc. You can see the necklaces above in a stack of three (they also follow the other rules 😉).

Rule 2: 2:1 Ratio

When you are mixing and matching metals, make sure you keep the metals in a 2:1 ratio. For example, two gold pieces to every one silver. Or vice versa.

This helps to visually balance the mixture of metals. It also doesn't look to balanced or matchy matchy. The asymmetry of it is what allows the mixing of metals to work well. 

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Rule 3: Pull the whole look together. 

Keep the 2:1 ratio when layering necklaces, but also use it when you put your whole outfit together. Keep your earrings in the 2:1 ratio (if you don’t have enough ear piercings, check out our ear cuffs HERE) and then take your jewelry all the way down to your hands with the 2:1 ratio. 


Why we love mixing metals:

  • The combination of warm and cool jewelry will give more dimension to your look.
  • Allows you to wear your favorites pieces together.
  • Creates unique jewelry stacks.

We can't wait to see you put these tips to use! What are you most excited to pair together using the three rules of mixing metals?

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