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More Brides Are Buying Simulated Diamonds

by Olivia Starling on 0 Comments

Why Are Brides Buying Simulated Diamonds?

1. Finances. It is reported that money is one of the top reasons for divorce. That's a pretty scary statistic for a couple that is about to get married. Many couples want to make the commitment of engagement in front of friends and family, but can't pay thousands for an engagement ring up front, so they start their union by accruing debt that can eventually tear them apart.

2. Conflict Diamonds. Remember Kanye West's song Diamonds From Sierra Leone? Go watch that video if you haven't. The heartbreaking truth behind Kanye's message is that children in war-torn countries die trying to mine diamonds. The truth is, you won't know if a diamond you purchase is a blood diamond, but if you choose to purchase a "conflict-free" diamond, you will spend twice as much. All simulated diamonds are naturally conflict-free because their origin starts in a lab. 

3. Environmental Impact. Diamond mining is responsible for soil erosion, deforestation, ruining farmlands, and vanished wildlife. Mining pits have been abandoned and filled with water, bringing in mosquitos and spreading malaria, forcing locals to relocate because of public health disasters in some parts of Africa. This is just one devastating environmental impact of diamond mining. Simulated diamonds are always an eco-friendly decision. 

4. Wear and Tear. When you wear anything every day, it is going to start to age. Diamonds become cloudy from cleaning products, soap, and skin oils - all things that your ring will encounter daily. Diamonds can chip and fall out of their settings. Wedding rings won't last a lifetime and often need to be "upgraded" every ten years.

My Mom & Me on My Wedding Day August 2013

To check out some beautiful simulated diamonds, click here. I love hearing from you! Comment below and let me know what your next ring will be made out of! 


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