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Jewelry Care & Cleaning

by Olivia Starling on 0 Comments

Taking good care of your jewelry will dramatically increase the lifetime of your purchase. At the end of the day when you are taking off your jewelry, rinse it in cool water and then completely dry it with a clean towel. Once you are done cleaning and drying your jewelry, put it in a clean, safe place (preferably the box or bag that you received your purchase in). Make sure that chemicals, soaps, lotions, and perfumes never come in contact with your jewelry. Don’t shower, wash your hands, or sleep with your jewelry on. Never use a commercial cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner on our products. 


If you purchased one of our engagement rings, every 4-6 months you can clean your ring with a teaspoon of gentle soap (dawn or ivory) in a bowl of lukewarm water. Use a soft toothbrush to remove any oils or buildup from the setting and rinse it in a stream of cool water. Completely dry your ring and keep it in the box you received it in.


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