Meet Our Founder | OLIVIA STARLING – Starlette Galleria

3 years ago, with $300 in inventory, and a 3 year old on my hip, I founded Starlette Galleria out of my basement.

I had 0 connections, 0 emails, and 0 followers, but I had a big dream in my heart, so I went for it. Within a year, I quit my corporate job to work full time with my spin on the engagement ring industry. 

Since then, Starlette Galleria has been supplying luxury, simulated-diamond engagement rings at a fraction of the price. Perfect for travel, pregnancy, saving money on an engagement ring, conserving your real diamond, and changing your look. These rings are sure to impress. Unlike your typical replacement ring, Starlette Galleria rings are made of high-quality metals that will never cause skin irritation or turn your finger green. The stones are intricately placed in the setting, never glued, and made of the clearest and most brilliant AAA CZ.  

Starlette Galleria caters to the woman on the go, offering necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with the same quality metals that are durable and won't tarnish. Like I've always said, “If they can’t tell the difference, why should you?”


Olivia, Founder of Starlette Galleria


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