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One of the most frequently asked questions you have sent us is, "How do I find out my ring size?" The interesting thing I have learned in this business is that ring size has nothing to do with your body weight or fat on your body and everything to do with the size of your knuckle.

Here is a video from Olivia, explaining how to find your finger size

1. Size in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase a little rubber sizer from us and, at your convince, find out the size of your finger. One of the major perks of having this tool is that you can find out the size of multiple fingers, and if your finger size changes, you can go back and re-size your finger.

Get your finger sizing tool HERE

2. Another way you can find out your finger size is by going to any jewelry counter and having them do a free sizing. Walmart even has a jewelry counter!

Pro tip: make sure the tool you use to size your finger slides comfortably over your knuckle.

Whatever you do, do not do the "string test" that you might see on the internet. We have seen a huge variation in sizes that people come up with, and it is not reliable at all. We have two "safe" ways of finding out your ring size, so that you can make sure you get the right ring for your finger!

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